Grove Bank is a safe place for people to grow their finances while helping the planet.

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UX Research

Competitive Analysis

Chase Bank

Chase is the world’s largest bank by market capitalization as of 2023, with over four trillion dollars in assets. I hoped their marketing website might reveal a “universal” approach that I could either imitate or reject as I designed the Grove Bank marketing site.

Overall, the Chase website could have been more visually consistent. Unique navigations, layouts, colors, and type treatments made me feel like I had experienced numerous partner brands, likely reducing general brand recognition. 

I chose to reject imitating the visual treatment, though I did reference their information architecture and copywriting.

What Works
  • Buttons are large and contain strong calls to action

  • Persuasive copy clearly outlines product benefits

What Could Be Improved
  • Consistency of navigation bar

  • Typography and typographic hierarchy

  • Uniformity of brand colors


Wealthfront is an automated investment service with 470,000 accounts as of 2022. As an online-only fintech company, their site offers a clean and visually attractive approach to financial services marketing.

Overall, the Wealthfront website was clear, compelling, and visually engaging. The copy was well written and used a playful voice, a refreshing change from traditional bank websites. The illustrations were informative and consistent, and prevented monotonous text blocks. I chose to emulate various elements of the Wealthfront site in the Grove Bank design.

What Works
  • Copy is understandable for average users

  • Visuals are unique and appealing

What Could Be Improved
  • Serif typeface occasionally creates legibility issues


In place of using actual data to develop user personas, I outlined Grove Bank’s target audience and utilized ChatGPT 3.5 to generate plausible clients. I heavily edited the output.

Site Map

After analyzing various comparable services, I developed the information architecture of the Grove Bank marketing site and secure application. I considered the expectations of my two personas, including only the necessary information. I finished with 15 essential pages.

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UI Research

UI Moodboard

I began my UI research by collecting various images from Dribbble that would resonate with Grove Bank’s target customers. I focused on climate tech and fintech applications.

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Green is the dominant color in plant leaves and American paper currency. I chose a warm green as Grove Bank’s primary color to invoke feelings of calm and safety.


I initially began with 14 options for Grove Bank’s primary typeface. After some deliberation, I decided on Satoshi, designed by Deni Anggara for the Indian Type Foundry.

Hi-fi Mockups

After finishing my UX and UI research, I constructed a series of mid-fidelity wireframes and then further refined the screens into the final hi-fi design.

After that, I linked all the pages to create an interactive prototype. I also connected some of the action buttons to additional screens.

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