GenFresh aims to address food insecurity by connecting farmers with excess food to people in need.

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UX Research

Competitive Analysis


With over seven million active customers, HelloFresh is one of the largest meal kit delivery services in the world. I looked to their app for insight into how to entice individuals to order and for design best practices.

What Works
  • Food photography as the focal element

  • Displaying recipe prep time and difficulty

  • Allowing people to adjust the amount of servings in their box

What Could Be Improved
  • Stronger typographic hierarchy could better differentiate sections and draw users’ focus to key areas

  • Recipe details could better utilize space

Blue Apron

Blue Apron is another popular meal kit delivery service with offerings nearly identical to HelloFresh.

What Works
  • Great food photography

  • Shows total prep time

  • Allows individuals to customize recipes to fit their needs

  • Step-by-step instructions keep people focused on one specific task, reducing their cognitive burden

What Could Be Improved
  • Screen layouts could be more space-efficient

Personas & Empathy Maps

In place of using actual data to develop user personas and empathy maps, I outlined the target audience of GenFresh

and utilized ChatGPT 3.5 to generate plausible users. I heavily edited the output.

Site Map

After analyzing various comparable services, I developed the information architecture of the GenFresh application. 

I considered the expectations of my two personas, and finished with 7 essential pages and 34 screens.

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Hi-fi Design

After finishing my UX and UI research, I constructed a series of mid-fidelity wireframes and then further refined the screens into the final hi-fi design.

After that, I linked all the pages to create an interactive prototype.

View interactive prototype

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