Juma strives to break the cycle of poverty by employing under-resourced youth and helping them gain skills to be successful in their careers. I designed their business cards and recruitment posters.

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Juma’s previous cards business cards had accessibility issues and didn’t reflect the organization’s new branding. After considerable market research, I determined that the new cards should include a simpler layout, clearer hierarchy, larger type, and clarifying icons. Juma’s leadership team appreciated these suggestions.

After initially presenting cards in which the front contained variations of the organization’s logo, Juma requested a simpler design, instead focusing on the new brand gradients.

My next project was a recruitment poster for JumaINSPIRES career panels. I created a general and customizable version, and opted for a landscape orientation, appropriate for both print and digital environments.

The posters were recognized as being “instrumental in sparking youth interest and boosting their attendance to the career panels” by Juma’s Executive Director of Corporate Partnerships & Marketing.

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