Grocery Assistant

Conceptual product design for algorithmic list app.

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As the first exercise in the course, I was tasked with determining three user experience challenges I observed in daily life. After defining five strong possibilities, I decided to pursue grocery store navigation. Grocery stores are often designed for impulse purchases, not productive shopping trips. It is not easy to locate particular brands or products. Busy consumers are not able to find the food they need quickly. We asked: how might we make locating items at the grocery store simple?

In the research and ideation phase, I created a target user persona and brainstormed potential features based on their wants and needs. I then surveyed an array of individuals to refine my concepts.

After I felt that I understood the problem and my target users’ desired solutions, I built wireframes that synthesized my ideation into concrete features and screens.

After multiple rounds of user testing and internal feedback from agency members, I moved into visual design, further refining the product into five key screens.

Overall feedback on the final screens was very positive, with many saying, “I wish this app were real!”

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